Why? What? Car Inspection?

Car Breakdown

Lack of Innovation

In my opinion there is a serious lack of innovation when it comes to the used car sales process. Yes, websites like AutoTrader, Cars.co.za, WeBuyCars made things easier in finding the right car to buy, but I am talking about the whole process, from the search through to the moment when you drive home with your new vehicle. There are hundreds of blogs and articles about the steps of buying a used car, tips of what to look out for when buying a pre-owned vehicle and how to prevent buying a used car with mechanical or electrical problems, yet it is still such a super stressful experience. When it comes to buying a second-hand car not much has changed in the last two decades. This includes the bad experiences customers had when buying a used car.

Technology develops at such a rapid pace, so why hasn’t the used-car sales process not evolved along with it?
You trade-in or sell your car for 20% less than the trade-value, in-turn the same vehicle is sold for 20% more than the vehicle’s retail value. We as consumers are losing the battle of buying and selling a pre-owned vehicle by a landslide!

We are not even talking about the numerous of cases where customers bought a used car from a dealership or privately and the car gave them problems from the get-go, or the many, many instances where a vehicle’s accident history is never mentioned.

In the used car sales game, the customer must be vigilant!

This is a thing that boggled my mind for a long time and one autumn morning, almost a year ago, I decided to do something about it. I started a company called Car Inspection. Through some blood, tears, laughs, more tears and blood (and surely more to come) I developed a service to help the second-hand car buyer. The service is designed around empowering the used car buyer with the right knowledge to make an informed decision when buying a pre-owned vehicle.

Make an informed decision when buying a used car

The service is built around servcie that gives you access to a fleet of qualified mechanics. You can request a Car Inspection mechanic, to any vehicle’s location, help you assess a used car you are interested in buying. The mechanic will assess the car through a predetermined 80-point checklist. When the assessment is complete our mechanic will send you the full report and recommendation. With this report you can now decide if you want to buy the vehicle. But that’s not all…

An “UBER-Mechanic”

When you decide to buy the inspected car, a 6-month, 15 000km warranty on drive-chain and certain expensive engine parts will be included in the call-out price. WOW!

This is a completely independent service.

Through thinking differently about the used car industry, we can bringing innovative ideas to the table. Change in this industry is possible. Through Car Inspection, I not only wish to help used car buyers but also inspire other entrepreneurs. To develop new ways making the buying and selling of used vehicles more transparent and easier for the consumer.

Safe Motoring.

Hanru Reyneke – Founder @Car Inspection


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