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Wondering where and how to find a mechanic to inspect a used car?
Now, you have a fleet of qualified mechanics at your finger tips.

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  • WE arrange the second hand car inspection test with the dealership
    or private seller.
  • WE send our qualified mechanic.
  • WE verify the vehicle with a VIN number scan.
  • WE perform an 88-point mechanical check.
  • WE report back to you with a phone call and email regarding
    condition of the car.

How do you access all this?







Our secondhand car inspection test
includes the following:

  • Vehicle Verification (VIN number scan) which provides your with, a vehicle verification, a car valuation, car market value estimate, etc.
  • 88-Point mechanical and electrical check (this includes checking for accident damage, condition of brakes, engine condition, etc.)

Our used car inspection service is just a few clicks away.
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What does the used car inspection Report include?

We send you a detailed inspection report and our recommendations. This is not a quick “once-over” vehicle condition report, but a full technical assessment report.

The gearbox is a key component that we check. We look at items in the gearbox such as:

  • Manual syncro noise and operation
  • Auto shift patterns
  • Oil leaks
Accident damage
Another key focus area is to inspect if the vehicle was in an accident. These focus areas include:
  • Check Body work for defects & rust
  • Any evidence of rebuild / panel beating


Steering checks

This is an essential part of any vehicle’s operation and something that must be looked at. Here are some steering elements that is part of our used car inspection service:

  • Centralised & play
  • Joints & arms for wear
  • Operation (locking)

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Founder of Car Inspection, a featured guest on:

A Behind the scenes video of an amazing pre purchase inspection of a second-hand car. This Alfa Romeo GT Junior – 1973 model, was inspected for a classic car collector based in New Zealand.

Dear Used Car Buyer

Buying a used car is a big financial and emotional decision. In the end of the day you must remove the emotion from the equation and base your decision on facts. The more you know the better decision you will make.
Do you wonder how to find a mechanic to inspect a used car?

What are the tell-tales signs are to inspect before buying a used car?

At we are not just about the hard sell; we have loaded this website with amazing practical used car pre purchase inspection advice. Our blog is geared to provide you with the most up-to-date and practical tips when it comes to buying a used car.

You might think we are out of our mind and undermining our own service. Well, this is not the case!

In the end of the day we are here to make sure you buy a secondhand car that is in a good condition. The only way to accomplish this is to make sure you are well informed and know as much of the vehicle you are about to buy. A pre purchase inspection of a second-hand car is the only way to make sure you know all the facts. Make sure you also browse our complete vehicle inspection checklist.
Make sure you don’t pay more for a second-hand vehicle than you should. Know a vehicle’s real value before you buy by getting a technical and car valuation report.

Here are 3 practical used car inspection tips:

1. The walk around

Before you take the car for a test drive, check if the car has been in accident. Look at the bodywork. The colour of each panel (door, hood, bumper) must match. If you spot a colour mismatch, be sure that car was in an accident.

Another tell-tale sign is if the gaps between the panels don’t match. The gap might be a tiny bit wider on the door-2-door panels than the door-to-front panels.

2. The service book

Now, before you start the car, check the service history in the service book. A petrol car should be stamped every 15 000km and diesel cars every 10 000km. You can check for the service centre’s details on these stamps and call to verify that the car has been serviced at the particular workshop.

In our opinion this is an especially important check and one of the GOLDEN RULES when it comes to conducting a used car inspection.

3. Signs of driver abuse

Look at the condition of each foot pedal (petrol, brake and clutch). Do the rubber footpads show signs for wear-and-tear? If the steering wheel is leather, does it show excessive wear? If there is excessive wear-and-tear on these items, it may indicate that the vehicle has more mileage than the odometer indicates. It may also indicate that the previous owner was an aggressive driver.

To conclude, a car inspection test before buying a used car, is an essential and extremely important aspect in the buying process. If a dealership does not want you to test drive or to conduct car inspection test, alarm bells should go off! Trust your gut, rather walk away from the deal if it seems too good to be true.

Below is more of this free knowledge sharing. We developed an e-book with practical secondhand car inspection tips and tricks. These tips range from technical to financial advice.


The great thing is the report is absolutely FREE! Use this to your advantage!

why choose

Simple, we know how a car engine works!

We, at Car Inspection understand that buying a used car is like trekking through a jungle. We will do whatever it takes to help you navigate this jungle. We are not backyard mechanics. We are certainly not in cahoots with anyone, trying to make a quick buck. We are an independent used car inspection service provider! We are on the front-line, fighting for every second-hand car buyer until the bitter end. Are you scared to buy a used car? Do you ever wonder how to find a mechanic to inspect a used car? Do not let fear drive you away from the secondhand car market. There are good deals out there. There are reliable used cars out there. Your biggest challenge is identifying those deals and leave the rest up to us.

We always say: ‘’pre-prevention, prevents poor performance.’’ This is the case when buying a pre-owned vehicle and exactly the void we bridge in the car buying process. Let us be your car-doctor, car-pilot, car-professor. We are experts when it comes to cars and we are on your side. We do not only offer a used car pre purchase inspection service, but we offer much more than that. We will take you through the car buying journey to make sure you buy a car that is in a solid condition, free from hidden mechanical and electrical faults. Let us be your Knight-Rider, your F1 driver and take the worry out of buying a used car.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin

We believe a secondhand vehicle inspection is an investment, not an expense. Keeping this in mind and having right knowledge about a car you want to buy – Benjamin Franklin’s advice rings true.

Our used car inspection service is just a few clicks away.
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Frequently Asked Questions - Second Hand Car Inspection

  • What is the maximum mileage to buy a used car?
    This question is heavily dependent on how a used car was treated by the previous owner(s). Answering the question in a general way can be risky, so I've split it into two separate questions:
    1. What is a good mileage to buy a used car? Generally between 30 000km to 130 000km
    2. How important is mileage when buying a used car? Mileage is very important because the higher the mileage, generally the worse the condition of the car. This is not always the case, that's why a second hand car inspection is so important.
  • What paperwork do you need when buying a used car?
    What you need to note:
    • The seller must make sure that all outstanding licence fees and traffic fines are paid.
    • Personalised number plates must be removed by the Seller before finalising the transaction.
    • Once the new NaTIS document has been received, we'll send you a completed Application for Licencing of Motor Vehicle (ALV) form by email so you can licence your vehicle.
    • Remember to licence your vehicle within 21 days of receiving the ALV.
    What will you need? Seller documents:
    • A copy of the front and back of your valid South African identity card/document.
    • Signature on the Change-of-Ownership document by the seller
    • Proof of residential address registered in the seller's name not older than 3 months.
    • The settlement letter if the vehicle is financed.
    • A copy of the vehicle registration document.
    If the vehicle is paid up:
    • The original vehicle registration document and signed notification of change of ownership (NCO).
    • Proof of purchase (contract)
    • Proof of banking details
    • Get a roadworthy certificate
  • Should you buy a new or used car?
    Here is a shortlist of the pros and cons when buying a new car vs. an used car.
    New Car Pros:
    • Peace of mind because the car is new
    • Latest tech in the car
    • Maintenance cost is cheaper in the beginning
    New Car Cons:
    • Price is much higher
    • Depreciation happens immediately
    • Availability on new models

    Used Car Pros:
    • Price, price, price, you'll pay less for a used car.
    • The bargain - there is always a chance to get a good deal
    • Free Motor plan or warranty on a used car with low mileage and year model
    Used Car Cons:
    • Reliability
    • Extra maintenance cost you might inccure, such as new brakes, tires of CV joints
    • Searching and buying a used car can be extremely time consuming
  • Is it worth it to buy a used car?
    Luckily is this day-and-age there is a lot of tools out there to help the consumer in buying a new or used car. Google for research, Autotrader for searching. The latest tool in assisting the consumer is Car Inspection. We offer a used car inspection service that is available in a few easy clicks.
  • What to do before buying a used car?
    • Do your research
    • Know what you're buying by getting a used car pre purchase inspection
    • Be sure you know the transaction details and extra hidden costs
    • Don't get pushed into a buy
  • How to find a mechanic to inspect a used car?
    If you don't know a mechanic, get a second hand car inspection from one of our qualified mechanics. Book an inspection here.