To Inspect or not to Inspect?


To inspect or not to inspect, that is the question?

As I am a very practical person, I am going to present you with two scenarios on how to buy a used car.

Buying a used car an be a daunting or easy process and it all depends which route you follow when buying a used vehicle.

  1. Scenario 1: Not Informed

If you start trolling through Google, reading up on other used-car buyer experiences you’ll stop immediately with your search and buy a new car. (even if you must downgrade due to the price of new vehicles)

Do yourself a favour, go to HelloPeter  ( and see people’s reactions and frustrations when they bought a used car.

Here is a couple of examples (without showing the brands 😉)

  • Chev Utility More problems than anything else
    • Needed a secondary vehicle so we opted for pre-owned. Found this fabulous dealership in Goodwood N1-city called ——— pre-owned. Test drove a 2010 Chev. utility with 111000km on the clock and there were a few odds and ends to fix, and so the dealership did. Had the vehicle for 3 days than had problems with oil leaks. Took the vehicle back and the issues was addressed ( they had the vehicle for almost 2 weeks) Then had the vehicle for 4 days and had issues with the throttle body, gear linkages, brakes etc. They( dealership agreed to have it sorted) They had the vehicle for 3 weeks and guess what, after getting it back with an invoice to prove all the parts that were repaired/replaced, now after 4 days in my possession, the vehicle is over revving by itself and fusion( dealer) is not replying to any of my mails, even sent him pictures of what the vehicle is doing… Wow great customer s****s….
  • 76 year old lady left facing another problem.
    • We bought a car a little panel van last weak for cash plus a extra fee from the floor at Midstream. When the car is cold the car starts and drives no problem, but when it is warm driving for 20km the car can’t go in to reverse and struggles to go into 1 and second. I bought a car under the impression that noting is wrong with it because when it was tested it was still cold. Now this vehicle should have been used to help a 76 year old lady start a small business buying and selling goods, to help her stay out of clutches of poverty. Our financial situation is in such a state that we can’t afford this additional cost of fixing a problem that should not have been there. I spoke to ——- at Midstream Branch but from what he said we should not have any hope, he’ll speak to some one else. I don’t understand we bought it a week ago we need a some thing to pick up and deliver goods. Why can’t we just get a refund. If some can do some thing please let me know.

This is just two complaints in among hundreds!

How do you as a used-car buyer avoid buying a pre-owned vehicle without running the risk the that the two above people had? This answer can be found in my second scenario.

  • Scenario 2: Informed

An informed decision is ALWAYS better that not knowing all the facts. We live in an age where information is easily available, so use it to your advantage:

A top tip: 
‘’The very best consumer advice I can give is to be cynical and question everything. Expect the worst until you’ve established otherwise. I know that sounds very dark and negative; but it is what it is. When planning that dream holiday or wedding, find out what will happen to your deposit if you cancel; if you get an email or phone call from your bank, assume it’s a fraudster, disengage and do your own checks. If someone emails you an invoice, double-check that the payment details are correct – and not by phoning the number on that emailed invoice. Before you do business with anyone, especially online, check them out – take a look at hellopeter, etc. And always, always read the small print. Especially the very tiny print. They make it look unappealing and too much of a schlep for a reason.’’

Wendy Knowler – Consumer Journalist – @wendyknowlerconsumer

This Facebook post by Wendy sums it up beautifully, and she knows what she’s talking about!

Research, Research, Research!

Know what you want to buy, know your price, know the vehicle condition, know the transaction details.

If you are not an expert is some of the topics above, get someone to help. It is easy and generally not that expensive.

This is where we, Car Inspect comes into play. We inspect any used vehicle before you buy, and this comprehensive inspection will give you the right knowledge about the vehicle. Armed with the correct knowledge you can make best decision before spending the money.

#book #inspect #get report – this is what we do to equip you with the right knowledge.

In the end of the day you need to protect yourself against dodgy deals by empowering yourself with the right knowledge. Be diligent. Do research. Ask questions.

Safe car shopping.

Hanru Reyneke

Founder @Car Inspection

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