The second hand car industry explained!


In anything in life, knowledge is the answer to more informed decisions and actions. The Car Inspection vehicle assessment service is anyone and everyone’s gateway to an expert used car assessment service. Our qualified mechanics are ready to come to wherever a vehicle is, inspect the pre-owned car you are looking to buy and provide you with a comprehensive used car assessment report – so you can decide for yourself whether the deal is as good as it seems. At Car Inspection, we protect used car buyers by empowering them with the knowledge they need. Our blog posts aim to achieve this goal. Before buying a used car, make sure you have the right information.

The Cooling blog

Car Care – The Cooling

I am starting a mini-series on, how to insure your vehicle’s engine last longer. I always say: ‘’prevention is better than cure’’ and this is so true when it comes to your vehicle’s engine life span. Here is some easy … Read More

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Fill Up and Shut Up

Fill Up and Shut Up – Part 2

As  various other organisations march against the constant fuel price increases, the petrol price and fuel saving related subjects are hot topics. In last weeks blog I did some research regarding how South Africa’s fuel price compared to the rest … Read More

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Fuel Price

Fill Up and Shut Up – World Petrol Price Compassion

As the petrol price climbs and the oil price is continuously hitting record highs and the Rand vale decreases, we as consumers are feeling the burn. If you want to drive a car you can only grind your teeth as … Read More

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WAZE vs Google MAPS

WAZE vs Google MAPS

WAZE vs Google MAPS After this week’s protest action on the N1 highway between Pretoria and Jo’burg, I decided to write this blog. Traffic will always be a pain for any commuter and a thing that is one of life’s … Read More

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Car tech

Awesome Car Tech

Here below are some awesome car tech that might make your driving experience a little bit better.   Ford and Waze to partner South Africans are facing traffic problem and we increasingly turning to technology solutions to help us fight … Read More

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second hand car inspection


There is so much doom and gloom surrounding South Africa. The sky-rocketing petrol price, the falling currency, the crime, the poverty, the corruption, that people are being pushed into a corner. What does a lion do when it is push … Read More

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Used car inspection

Cool Car Facts

Life can become way too serious. Therefore, I thought of mixing it up by giving you: 10 Cool Car Facts: Estimates by US publisher, Ward’s estimates, in 2010 there were just over 1 Billion motor cars in the world. 2. … Read More

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vehicle buying tools

Tools of the Trade

If you GOOGLE ‘’tips on buying a used car’’ it spits out numerous blogs, tips and opinions on what to do before you buy a used car. I have also published a blog with such info. Most of these sites … Read More

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new vs used cars

Buying a new car vs a used car

The argument of what is the best buy, a new or used car, is one that is as old as….well, almost as the mountains. This argument falls under the same conversion as, would you buy a Land Rover or a … Read More

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car inspection?

How to avoid regretting your used car purchase?

The Customer Protection Act (CPA) provides used car buyers with some assistance, however the best way to avoid disappointment after buying a pre-owned car is to be prepared with the right knowledge. Here are some tips to help you prepare … Read More

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