2 Golden Rules

used car

These 2 rules are the cornerstones in finding a reliable used car

I always give this advice to people whom are searching for a used car and this is exactly the advice I gave Sally (a client) when she started to phone dealerships in her search for a reliable car with a good price.


Golden Rule #1: The Golden Service Book

When you inquire about a car you’re interested in buying, the first question you need to ask, is to get pictures of the service book. 

A vehicle which has been properly maintained (serviced on a regular basis) is always a good indication that the condition of the vehicle is better than 1 that has not been maintained. 

It’s common sense!


Golden Rule #2: Patience is Golden

  • Be patient when searching.
  • Do your research
  • Don’t get pushed into a buy
  • Rather be sure you’re buying a reliable car than buying a piece of junk which will give you problems

I know these 2 rules seem simple, but I have seen what happens is they are ignored. 

It’s not pretty!

The great thing is, I am here to help, we’re on your side, the consumer’s side not the dealership.

If you need any advice even is it sounds simple, please send me an email or leave your details on the Car Inspection website and I’ll call you.

It might just save you a whole lot of trouble – and it’s free!

Safe Driving

Hanru Reyneke – Founder @ Car Inspection

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