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5 most reliable car brands in SA is here and yes, this is important stuff!

The burning question most people have when I ask what them what they want in a used car is:

  1. What car would last me for 6 years without breaking?
  2. Can I afford that reliable car?

New World Wealth conducted a review of over 30 car brands in SA and considered the best according to the following criteria:

  • Availability and affordability of spare parts for vehicle.
  • Affordability of services after motor plan has ended.
  • Reliability of car after motor plan has ended. Special focus on number of major engine and gearbox problems that vehicle experiences over time.
  • Ability of dealerships to handle large repair jobs and affordability of such repairs.
  • Affordability of insurance premiums, relative to price of vehicle.

Interviews were conducted with independent second hand car dealers, independent auto mechanics, and “roadworthy vehicle inspection” providers.

It also tracked old (25 years+) vehicles currently on the road which are still in good working order and assessed complaints and compliments online.

So, hold-on to your hats, brace yourself…

This is the 5 most reliable cars in SA!

In no particular order:






New World Wealth also found: “If one looks at the number of old (25 year+) cars on SA roads Toyota dominates – a large number of Cressidas, Conquests and Corollas from the 1970s and 1980s are still on the road. This shows that these cars are relatively easy to maintain and cheap to repair.

Interesting stuff, right? Well, if you have a burning question and need quick hassle-free advice, leave your details on our webpage (no-obligations, advice is free!)

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Hanru Reyneke – Founder @ Car Inspection 

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